Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching Services

The Executive Coaching process is designed to develop and enhance an individual’s existing leadership and management skills. Every promising business professional can benefit from executive coaching, but it is especially useful for leaders who want to boost their visibility, develop skills for a promotion, work in a high-risk project, or take their division to a new level.

Our Approach

Our Executive Coaching model involves an in-depth assessment, a customized coaching plan, and personalized individual coaching. We offer a complimentary first meeting to assess your needs and determine the best approach.

Phase One: Intensive Coaching

While we tailor each engagement to the client’s needs, a typical coaching commitment will include an initial intensive coaching phase of three to six months. Our services include:

  • Bi-monthly in-person meetings
  • Unlimited phone and email access

Phase Two: Solidify Leadership Growth

After an initial three to six-month period of intensive coaching, we recommend a period of at least six to 12 months to help solidify the gains made. This period of less intensive coaching helps to reinforce the insight and skills in the first phase to ensure that the change is lasting and that effective leadership skills become habit.