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Five Benefits of Executive Coaching

By Warren Green, principal of Baltimore-based Protégé Executive Coaching & Consulting

Are you interested in taking your leadership skills from good to great? The benefits of executive coaching for executives who are seeking both personal and organizational growth are numerous. Here are five key reasons to seek out this important service if you want to become the most effective leader possible.

Increased Self-Awareness

One of the goals of coaching is to increase self-awareness by taking a step outside ourselves to understand as objectively as possible who we are, how people perceive us, what our traits and characteristics are, and what our management style is. Coaching involves nudging people into a state of self-awareness, not imparting a body of knowledge or information. That makes it a more subtle, oblique and intuitive process than would be possible with a more didactic approach.

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Why Getting an Executive Coach Is Good News for Your Career

In the ‘old days,’ executive coaching often was reserved for leaders who were struggling and needed intervention. Today, however, the role of an executive coach has evolved so that coaches are rarely called upon to serve in a ‘rescue mission’ for a leader in trouble. Instead, they chiefly are called upon to work with the most valued executives in an organization. So if your boss offers you an opportunity to work with an executive coach, you should be flattered, not dismayed.

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Baltimore Executive Coaching & Consulting Firm Launched

Baltimore, MD – A new Baltimore-based executive coaching firm called Protégé Executive Coaching & Consulting, LLC, has been launched to meet the coaching needs of area executives and to provide expert management consultation. Seven highly recognized and accomplished business leaders have joined forces to support area executives, using their decades of leadership and mentoring experience. They have experience in a diverse group of fields, including business, financial/investment services, communications/technology, higher education, healthcare, marketing and communications, government relations, public accounting and non-profits.

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