Executive Coaching


The principals of Baltimore-based Protégé Executive Coaching & Consulting, LLC, have decades of experience as successful entrepreneurs and/or as leaders of major companies, including multi-billion dollar corporations. Our business success is not measured solely in the dramatic growth in revenues, customers and employees we’ve achieved, or in the number of companies we have acquired, but also in the people we have nurtured along the way. We have mentored and developed scores of other leaders in our long careers, helping them grow into successful executives.

Examples of Our Experienced Executive Coaching Results

  • A door-to-door salesman became a Senior VP of Sales and Marketing at a major communications company with the coaching of one of our team.
  • One of our principals coached a financial manager to work on her people skills, helping her become promoted repeatedly. She is now a successful senior executive.
  • An HR manager who needed to increase his financial skills was promoted over the years to become a senior executive at a major communication firm thanks to coaching from one of our principals.

Examples of Our Business Development Results

  • We have grown companies from start-ups to multi-billion dollar enterprises
  • We have initiated and successfully implemented numerous mergers and acquisitions and advised numerous companies to successfully position themselves for growth
  • We have revamped the management structure and operating performance of a number of companies to improve cash flow, revenues and profits


Terry Smith was my mentor, advocate and leader over the years. His knowledge of leadership, business, politics and people has helped me continuously move forward, and today, I am the vice president for a major university. Terry listens, shares, understands organizational dynamics and communicates effectively to all levels of the workforce. His guidance has been extremely valuable in my life both in business and on all other fronts. My recommendation of him as a “coach” and mentor is as high as it gets.
– George Shoenberger

Judy served as a highly valued member of our senior leadership team and has helped shape the resurgence that our company has under way. Judy always provided sound counsel to her peers, and she mentored managers throughout the company to achieve greater performance.
– Timothy E. Ryan, Publisher, President and CEO, Baltimore Sun Media Group

Coaching and mentoring are crucial components of Judy Berman’s leadership approach. She excels at creating a work environment where employees are encouraged to build on their strengths to provide the best benefit to the company’s mission and to themselves. Judy works well with diverse groups of people and is very adept at assessing and building talent. Her individual coaching emphasizes long-term progress and development, within the framework of company goals and strategy. Judy’s rare combination of intellect and compassion set her apart as a uniquely gifted mentor.
– Anne C. Lepore, Creative Director, Baltimore Sun Media Group